The Therapist’s Job and Your Personal Experience

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… are two different things. She does not need to have had your specific experience to help you with yours. And if she had the same experience and overcame it and told you how. It does not mean that what she did will work for you. There are so many reasons why we don’t talk about ourselves. The biggest one is that you’re not paying us to talk about us!

Keep on Pushing

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It’s true the only way to accomplish anything is to “keep on pushing,” just keep going and you’ll get where ever you’re going. When you get a chance, listen to The Impressions’  “Keep on Pushing  on YouTube by

Accepting a New Friend, Being one too

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There is nothing like meeting someone who “gets you.” At least when they’re new they seem to “get you” better than anyone else at the time. I guess that is until they get to know you, lol. Enjoy the new best friends. And if you watched my video on “making  ‘what is’ perfect” then you’ll always be best friends.

Making “what is” Perfect

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I know “what is” is not what you think you want. But, question. “What if “what is” could be perfect if you made it that way?”

Perfection requires work, my friend. Think of a thing that you accomplished that you causes you to marvel? Your accomplishment was perfect because it was difficult but you did it!

It’s the same in relationships. Of course, the relationship can only be perfect if the two of you are perfect for each other. That’s the first requirement. Okay, let me say–if there is any kind of abuse, any kind, then your relationship is disqualified as perfect. That’s for the record, y’all.–4wdQ