After Sunday Morning

For over 20-years, I’ve been thinking about the function of the established Church. I’ve come to many conclusions. One is that The Church is still a very important institution
in the lives of over 60% of the people in our country. And while over 80-plus percent of us believe in God, we all don’t attend a place of worship of any kind. Without spitting the accurate numbers on any of this, my comments on this page will have LESS TO DO WITH CHURCH OR RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION ATTENDANCE and more to do with people’s response to the world and each other
after having attended “services.” Point-blank, in my over 50-years of observing people of faith, I have to conclude that I see very little evidence of transformation in how people treat each other, the planet, or themselves. My juvenile disillusionment or disenchantment is that people who go to church DO NOT BELIEVE HALF TO NONE OF WHAT THEY PROFESS TO BELIEVE. My reasoning is that our society would be a better place in every imaginable way if we did. But this is my opinion. I am dedicating the page to those want to change their lives AFTER having heard spiritual teachings. Admittedly, I’m going to share my misgivings for a good while, as I’ve kept this to myself for far too long. I’m just NOW saying this because I didn’t want to write such negativity about an institution seems to mean so much to so many. I also KNOW the intrinsic value of the Church’s presence in our world.  And, I didn’t want to be the subjected to the inevitable, though understandable, attacks that would result when I finally spoke my truth on the matter.  So, I have spent a good portion of my life making friends, respecting others, and disrespecting myself (my voice) to avoid being criticized for what I knew to be the state of the Christianity. For, I knew that it’s one thing for “Non-believers” to openly criticize the Chruch, but another for a Believer to openly bring our attention to our gross short-comings. No more, Christian friends. Be prepared, as I am finally prepared to fulfill this very important dimension of my calling–to speak the truth by adding a consistent challenge for us to practice what we hear preached; to practice what we read in the Bible; and to practice what the Spirit says. In short, to put into practice the verse “… what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” Micah 6:8 (KJV).

My goal is to challenge our religious institutions to examine the fruit of its labor,  BUT MORE important to encourage my fellow believers to “walk the talk.” My mission here is to bring our attention to changing our behavior as a result of hearing truths that are designed for that purpose.  Finally, I will do what I believe is not being done–bring our attention to changing our behavior in a way that encourages actual change. Not blaming anyone, as I believe that people do what is easy, convenient, and traditional. So,  “After Sunday” is my way of helping all of us to use what we’ve learned on Sunday (or Saturday) to be “Christ-like” people, something I’ve come to believe that is NOT necessarily the function of Christianity.






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