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Just mentioning the word “diversity” can change the entire mood of a room for some people. Primary, I suspect, because leadership (in many areas) have not managed it very well. And that’s unfortunate, as diversity simply means difference. Managing, valuing, and privileging difference is what diversity management is about. So the leader: president, supervisor, teacher, pastor, etc who understands this very simple idea will not avoid diversity but will seek to maximize diversity.
So what has given diversity such a bad name when everyone knows how having many different points of views–options–may yield the most desirable outcomes. The answer is fear. Yup, the long-story-short of it is fear. Flash, it is not “the ‘love of money’ that is ‘the root of all evil.”‘ It is unquestioned fear is the root of all evil. Allow me to continue this digression for a minute. Now think about it. Fear is at the basis of every thing that keeps us from fulfilling our dreams (becoming a singer, doctor, scientist, business-owner, fashion designer, school teacher). Think about all of the phobias that have been coined to capture the essences of our fears. Now, how about the grand-mama of them all: “The fear of the unknown.” What is that about? Anyway, it’s time to do something about our fears; they have kept us enslaved for far too long. Right now, we must especially attend to the fears that prevent us from engaging our human differences. From where I stand, our survival depends on it.
Humanity’s survival depends on our putting the best and most diverse systems in place. The systems, of course, depend on your line of service or work. And, highly functioning and functional systems are devoid of personal prejudices or biases because all it knows it that it is working or it’s not. Take a look around and you’ll find that the most successful systems from the human body to the ant colony works optimally because good diversity management. In other words, both systems utilize difference to survive.
So far, I’ve talked in general terms about our need to embrace difference. On occasion, I will share with you articles that deal more specifically with what embracing difference means to us all. For now, I am simply inviting you to visit my blog and share your thoughts. Everyone is welcome and you may blog about whatever issue of difference that you want. I am passionate about many topic: Gender, religion and ethnicity are my top three. But I have lots of time to share with you. I’m interested in your thought. Go to: www.diversityexplored.blogspot.com
Another blog that may be of interest to you is one that we created for our university inclusion moment. “Do Something Different” is our way of getting people moving to create an more inclusive university community.
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Diversity matters are so much a part of my life that I have a special resume of diversity activity. If you want to invite me to share with your company/school/agency, this information should have you decide if I’m your woman:
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