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shrink Things to do Until the Shrink Comes “Don’t need a therapist?”
Buy this book and take care own mental health. Simple and clear and cheap advice. USC2 $9.97
teen How to Raise Spiritual Teens
If you are concerned about the spiritual health of your teens this little book will provide you with tips on how to instill your most cherished values. RST1 $9.97
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Planning to get married, get engaged Or on beginning a new relationship RBP1 $49.97
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Therapeutic Services

Liberation Therapy

As a liberation therapist, I believe that problems are a product of binding or restricting beliefs, and I use the spiritual nature of human relating and language to help you change how you relate to your problem. The goal of liberation therapy, then, is to change the relationship that you have with your beliefs (problems) so that you can experience more options in your life and therefore, more freedom. Problems, in my view, are not bad, but can lead to liberation. I can help you free yourself (i.e., change your language –thoughts, ideas, actions) so that you can meet your personal and professional goals.


I am a certified hypnotherapist with over a decade of therapeutic experience. I have worked with issues of generalized anxiety, test anxiety, sleeplessness, hot flashes etc. Hypnosis only works with specific concerns and cultivating the therapeutic relationship is very important.

Educational Workshops

Diversity & Multicultural

Diversity is more than cultural and ethnicity. Diversity is simply difference. What I do is use the liberational approach and helping individuals and groups negotiate difference in ways that respects difference, invites acceptance, and creates community. Click for more information. To book Dr Debra email:

Writing Skills

I am a certified academic writing instructor and coach with over 600 hours of teaching on the topic.

Attendees will learn to:

  • Write clear, concise sentences
  • Properly punctuate a sentence
  • Use precision in word choice
  • Construct well structured sentences, paragraphs, and papers
  • Use various kinds of punctuation
  • Write eloquent literature reviews
  • Construct a functional outline

Licensure Exam Prep

This two hour workshop is sure to help you past that blasted exam. Learn to use your personal style of learning to help you better prepare for the exam. Then learn how to leverage what you don’t know to help you succeed where you’ve failed before. For best results, take this workshop at least 30 days before your exam date (see dates below)

Upcoming Prep Dates

People of passing this exam the first time with my help!

Next Standard Prep Dates:

May 11, 2013

Preregister at

Make payment to

Only  $150

Available for personal coaching session for groups of 4-6 members.

1) Get your group together; 2) Contact Dr. Debra at to confirm the group meeting date–see below; 3) Each member go to and register by paying. Dates for private coaching may be negotiated.

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