Got Self Esteem: The Book

If you know someone who has been told that they have a self-esteem problem, or if you are that someone then get a copy of got self-esteem, right now. You will be surprised by Dr. Debra’s fresh approach to dealing with this problem. This book is written specifically with women and girls in mind, but any one may benefit from it’s to-the-point message. If you’re ready to change the way you look at yourself and the way others see you then ”got self-esteem” is just what you need. Check out a sample:


The “idea” of self-esteem began in 1657. A guy–no surprise there–by the name of John Milton is believed to be the first person to use the term. Over two centuries later around 1890, psychologists/philosophers Lorne Park and William James introduced the idea to American culture. And the rest is her-story, literally. Did you know that “self-esteem” is the third most written about topic? And, I’ll bet you your last dollar that females are the subjects in most of the literature.

Now, given all of this press about the topic, this book is not only well worth your attention, but it offers you another perspective on self-esteem. I’m glad you’re still reading because you probably have some questions of your own. I know some “smart” person has told you that you have low or no self-esteem, which is another reason that you are still reading–you really don’t believe anything is wrong with your esteem. In fact, the difference between your esteem and theirs is that they think that theirs is fine, and you think yours is low. They value their ideas and you value their ideas more than you do your own. But you do this not because you have low self-esteem, but because smart, confident people tend to get our respect naturally.

I believe that your so called esteem is not about what you do but what you believe. Having said this, I want to share with you just a few of my ideas about self-esteem. First, I want to first make a very bold claim about behaviors that may be considered (by some) as low self-esteem behavior.

“Anyone who has a self-esteem problem (high or low) has been taught to have it.”

More specifically, I am suggesting that any girl/woman who has a self-esteem problem is just doing what she’s been taught to do. Yes, there is a script that we have been trained to follow. So, being a good girl, a fit mother, or a proper lady are all roles in that script. My opinion is that the script is put in place to control us women. And, if/when we decide to do anything that is not written in the script then we are punished with social stigmas. And because we don’t want to be considered as bad people we get back in line–following the script. The problem though, is that we are stuck some place between following the script and following our selves—doing what we think or want. Then in the midst of all of this madness, we find ourselves making some interesting choices. Our choices lead “smart people” like John Milton to say that we have self-esteem issues. Again, I disagree

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