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Created for Fran Harris, University of Texas Longhorn shooting forward for the 1986 NCAA Championship Team.


Honoring your most cherished memories through artistic expression

Let ThouART illustrate your most meaningful experiences: triumphs, adventures, antics, travels, accomplishments and so much more!

Keep Reading to order ThouART of your very own.

Our Story: I (Dr. Deb) and my dear friend Ro have shared some crazy times. All one of us has to do is mention one of these memories and be both begin to laugh as if it just happened, and most of these experiences happened at least 25-years ago. We drove across country through mountains, up north, down south just enjoying our young lives; we were in our twenties and free. For her birthday last year, I had an artist paint our most memorable times on a canvas as a quilt or collage. I surprised her with the painting for her birthday party and she lost it! She and everyone else at the celebration were fascinated and intrigued with the artistic piece. Of course, we then begin to share the stories depicted in the painting. For the rest of the week-end celebration, different members of the party would make suggestion about other events that we could add to the now ThouART painting.

Then Christmas last year, I had my daughter, Micha, and my cousins: Gabrielle and Alyssa to each paint a canvas collage of experiences for our older cousins who were significantly influential in my life growing up. Needless to say, the art had the same effect on these three women, so I knew that ThouART would be one of those phenomena that would speak to others in a very special way. I know this because Thou ART the one telling your story. Our job is put your story to canvas as a constant reminder of the special-ness of your life’s experiences.

ThouART describes the personal accounts of your life, re-telling the stories that will live on forever as cherished memories: from fun times in college, high schools, camps, or graduations to significant milestones such as births, weddings, championships journeys, survival experiences, travels, etc. By the way no occasion is off limits with ThouART. All the firsts in your life: tattoo, all-nighter preparing for exams or presentations, your first check, frat initiation, publication, root canal—no boundaries.

Imagine a piece of art painted (or drawn) just for you, history-ing your life in a way that neither photo nor videos can. Display ThouART in your work room, bed room, office, restaurant, even your car; ThouART the master of this piece.


Read the instruction below and watch the video BEFORE choosing your option

How it works:

  • Choose an option #1 or #2; The link will take you to the page to complete the order form
  • At the end of the form you may choose to pay your deposit
  • To save yourself some time, you may pay both the deposit and the balance by clicking both buttons
  • If we have any questions, we will call you; otherwise the artist will immediatel begin ThouART
  • If you owe a balance, we will send a reminder 2-weeks out
  • Upon your payment, we will ship ThouART to the address on your form
  • Within day days, you may begin enjoying ThouART memories for a lifetime.

This is how you may tell your story. Below is an example. Be specific.


ThouART Story

I got married, left for the marines, and met my biological mom for the first time all within the last 30 days.   On February 1, I married my high school sweet heart, who is also headed to the marines. My  birth  mom had been trying to find me and was able to finally get a hold of me the day before my wedding. I discovered that she lives in the same city, so she came to my wedding. When she arrived, she was was in her Dress Blues; she is a highly decorated Marine and is about to retire. She told me  that I am named after my dad and grand-dad and that they both were Marine veterans. This means that I’m a III!  I am going to change my name as soon as I get back from my honeymoon; this is the happiest day of my life!

Item #1 Item #2 Item#3
High school sweet heart marriage Generations of marines Biological mom united
More Info: Give us more info so that we can make ThouART as personal as possible

Colors: Blue, green, violet, etc.

Theme: example: Family uniting, new beginnings, etc.

Tone: Playful, serious, spiritual, etc.

Note: If you don’t give us more, you’re giving us artistic license.

  • Time: All orders must be placed 60 days in advance with deposit.
  • Balance and shipping due 2-Weeks of due date.
  • For quicker turnaround of 4 weeks add an additional $100 deposit.
  • Additional stories: $100 per story-item.
  • Pay order with PayPal (
  • 1) ThouART  work begins when deposits post; 2) No refunds after deposit

IMPORTANT  NOTICE: At the end of both OPTION Forms is the following information.  Be Sure to  complete this section.

Optional Postage Insurance: If you want to insure your ThouART add  the set insurance amount when you pay your final balance. Sometime carriers can be careless.

My deposit of: $__________ or

My full payment and postage of: $ ____________ + Optional $          Insurance = $______

Balance $________ [I understand & agree to ThouART guidelines. Type Initials Here _______]

Balance Due Date: __________

Now Order

Make your choice by clicking the ThouART option you prefer

Option 1:

Size: 16×20, (3 stories/item) for $375 ($300 deposit);  

(Balance Total $84.99 Equals $75 add 9.99 (S/H) Due 2-Weeks prior to due date)

Option 2

Size:  20×24, (4-6 stories/items) for $497 (deposit $400);  

(Balance Total $106.99 Equals $:$97 add $9,99 (S/H)  Due 2-Weeks prior to due date)



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